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Willow & Sage

Foraging Mix - Green Blend

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Foraging Mix - Green Blend

A blend of botanicals created to encourage natural foraging behaviours that promote mental stimulation and enhanced well-being. 

Green blend, Smells like a fresh herb garden. This mix flaunts all the healthy greens.

This foraging mix contains a blend of 12 tasty and nutritious, food-grade botanicals. Simply add 1cm (or more) of the mix into a foraging box and add your bird's pellets and treats. Alternatively, you can add some of the mix to their pellet bowl and add their pellets/dry mix to the mix. Your birds will be encouraged to engage in natural and mentally stimulating foraging behaviours. This foraging mix is both nutritious and a great way to keep your birds busy. Any unsoiled leftovers can be made into tea. Simply let the tea brew in hot water and allow it to cool fully before serving.

Suitable for: All parrots, except eclectus, lories, and lorikeets. Consult your vet if your parrot has special needs.